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WHAT HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE? "Cancer truly made me stop in my tracks and ask myself what makes me happy. The challenge has been to accept the new normal and really pursue where creativity leads me and stop allowing others' concept of worth derail my projects and my happiness. It's a daily challenge to follow my own compass."

ďA true actor will always find their audience,Ē Dustin Hoffman once stated. And Deirdre always delights hers, with humor and inspiration, based on personal adventures she's eager to portray. She'll listen to what message is sought and present it through colorful characterizations. No audience is too small or large for this unique addition to your conference, event and/or luncheon. A shorter version of 'Letter by Letter' was written and presented at a Susan G. Komen luncheon at the Aspen Meadows, in Aspen, Colorado in July of 2005.


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